Wedding Registry

So, people have started to ask, “Where are you registered?” A fair question. Thing is, though, we decided not to register for actual gifts. Tom and I both lived alone before we met, and we have now lived together for almost 3 years. We both think we’ve accumulated enough “stuff.” Yeah yeah, lots of our stuff could be nicer, but we’re okay. We make do.

So instead, a little bird tipped us off to a new web site where you can essentially register for a honeymoon! Guests can view your registry, and give you cash donations toward specific items (like hotels, airfare, or, you know, those afternoon espressos you’re addicted to).

We’re been planning sort of a dream vacation for next summer anyway, in which we would like to spend at least a couple of weeks in Los Angeles and San Francisco, taking in the sights and history, and either driving, or taking a train, up the Pacific Coast Highway!

So instead of more gifts taking up space in our already crowded home, we kindly request that if you want to give us a gift, give us the gift of memories and adventure. We can’t think of much better than that. Our registry can be found here: or just click here

Thank you.


About tomandryan

This is our little blog dedicated to information about our upcoming nuptials, mostly with practical stuff, but some fun stuff too!
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