What to wear?

Hello, guests!

With only 24 days to go, we find ourselves running out of useful opportunities to update this little website before it becomes obsolete. Taking the time crunch into consideration, you can expect to see a few last-minute notes popping up in this space.

One question that’s come up in various communications with family and friends pertains to wardrobe, namely, What should I plan on wearing to this wedding? For this, we have a couple responses:

– Well, you’re going to a wedding. Try to look nice. This means no shorts, jeans, or t-shirts. Think of weddings you’ve been to where these articles of clothing have been on display. Please don’t be that person.

– With that in mind, we do want you to be comfortable. We certainly plan on being comfortable. (Lest this imply that we’ve actually selected our attire, please be reassured – or terribly alarmed – that we haven’t yet done so.) Temperatures will likely be in the 90s, dancing will be happening, and we hope to keep the party raging as long as you like. There’s no sense making yourself miserable, and therefore less likely to dance and make merry, by wearing your stiffest, stodgiest, most formal attire. Dudes, you don’t need a suit.

So the bottom line: Look nice, while also being comfy and casual, and don’t wear anything tacky. And let us know if you have any questions.

As always, we can’t wait to see all of you. Really. It’s gonna be amazing.

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Wedding Registry

So, people have started to ask, “Where are you registered?” A fair question. Thing is, though, we decided not to register for actual gifts. Tom and I both lived alone before we met, and we have now lived together for almost 3 years. We both think we’ve accumulated enough “stuff.” Yeah yeah, lots of our stuff could be nicer, but we’re okay. We make do.

So instead, a little bird tipped us off to a new web site where you can essentially register for a honeymoon! Guests can view your registry, and give you cash donations toward specific items (like hotels, airfare, or, you know, those afternoon espressos you’re addicted to).

We’re been planning sort of a dream vacation for next summer anyway, in which we would like to spend at least a couple of weeks in Los Angeles and San Francisco, taking in the sights and history, and either driving, or taking a train, up the Pacific Coast Highway!

So instead of more gifts taking up space in our already crowded home, we kindly request that if you want to give us a gift, give us the gift of memories and adventure. We can’t think of much better than that. Our registry can be found here:
http://www.honeyfund.com/wedding/tomandryan or just click here

Thank you.

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Invitations are in the mail!

Alright, we’re about two and a half months away from the big day. Hooray!

We’re happy to report that we received our invitations in the mail the other day, and we’ve stamped the RSVPs, stuffed and stamped the envelopes, and sent ’em off to the post office today. So look for those in the coming days.

Now we just need to get the food situation in order. Piece of cake, right?

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What is there to do in Memphis?

Memphis, deceptively, is a vibrant and exciting town, chock full of stuff to do for tourists and residents alike, including a ton of activities for kids. There is no excuse for ever being bored, especially if you’re a history or science buff.

If you’re coming for our wedding, we invite you to spend a few extra days to sample a little of what Memphis has to offer.

First, there is the obvious: Graceland! Plan to spend at least 2 or 3 hours here, touring the home, the planes, and inspecting the gift shops. Even the gift shops are themed!

For further musical adventures, don’t forget to hit up Sun Studios, a hop, skip and a jump from downtown. This will take you about an hour. Also, there is the Stax Museum, though this is not in a very good part of town, so exercise caution when in this neighborhood, the Memphis Rock N Soul Museum (a Smithsonian, and also right downtown), or go all out with a Backbeat Tour of all the major historical musical sights of the city, including Beale Street, though in my opinion, Beale is best done on foot on a Saturday night.

Memphis has more than just musical history, though. The National Civil Rights Museum is built in the Lorraine Motel in downtown Memphis, where Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. Plan to spend at least 2 or 3 hours here. This museum alone is worth a trip to Memphis.

For kids, there is the Children’s Museum of Memphis, right in Midtown (only a few blocks from our house), and the Pink Palace, featuring an IMAX theater, a planetarium, and the Lichterman Nature Center.

Overton Park in Midtown is a must visit! It contains the famous Memphis Zoo, the Memphis College of Art, the Brooks Museum of Art, the oldest and largest fine arts museum in Tennessee, a dog park, an old-growth forest, and acres and acres of vast, green park space, right in the heart of the city.

Shelby Farms Conservancy is slightly east of town if you’re yearning for a bit of nature, and has public events going on all year round. And one can’t forget that mighty Mississippi River, and the Mud Island Riverfront Park.

Other random attractions include the historic Elmwood Cemetery dating all the way back to the Civil War. The Memphis Botanical Gardens, the Metal Museum (downtown), and the Crystal Shrine Grotto in the Memorial Park Cemetery, and the Dixon Gallery and Gardens.

This is but a small listing of highlights. Consult Google for many more ideas and options.

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Hotels in Memphis

Hello all, and welcome to Tom and Ryan’s official wedding blog!  We started this primarily as a way to more easily convey information to attendees about information they might need, such as hotels in the area, or local attractions in Memphis!  We might put up some personal stuff on here too!

Tom and I live in a delightful  little neighborhood in Midtown Memphis of small bungalows and Craftsman style homes called Cooper-Young, so named for the famous intersection of Cooper and Young Streets. It has a laidback, funky vibe, consisting mostly of young professionals and small families. Some of the city’s nicest restaurants are here, along with an excellent record store and label called Goner Records, and one of the oldest independent bookstores in the country, Burke’s Books!

The Cooper-Young railroad trestle

Unfortunately, however, there is a dearth of hotels of Midtown. Most hotels are going to be downtown, to the west of us, or in East Memphis, to the east of us. I will attempt in this post to give a pretty basic rundown of what the hotel options are. Of course feel free to do your own research, but hopefully these will work for you.

Holiday Inn Express Medical Center Midtown
Phone: 901.276.1175 Average price: $110

Best Western Gen X Inn
Phone: 901.692.9136 Average Price: $80

Downtown has a ton of hotels. I’ll attempt here to list some of the standouts. But I will probably miss something.

Peabody Hotel
Phone: 901.529.4000 Average price: prices vary (and they do vary, a lot, depending on availability and time of year, so check it out!)

The Inn at Hunt Phelan
A fancy B&B on Beale Street, though not on the noisy strip.
Phone: 901.525.8225

The Madison Hotel A boutique hotel.
Phone: 1-800-223.5652 Average price: prices vary

Doubletree by Hilton
Phone: 901.528.1800 Average Price: $165

Memphis Marriott Downtown
Phone: 901.527.7300 Average Price: $149

Comfort Inn
Phone: 901.526.0583 Average Price: $139

Holiday Inn Select
Phone: 901.525.5491 Average Price: $150

Crowne Plaza
Phone: 901.525.1800 Average Price: $130

Westin Memphis Beale Street
Phone: 901.334.5900 Average Price: $227

There are lots of others, including several Marriott. A quick Google search will bring you lots of results to browse.

East Memphis is, technically, a bit closer to where we live than downtown (depending how far east you go), and is more suburban in feel, with easier parking, etc. Not as fun, though.

Holiday Inn University of Memphis This is the flagship Holiday Inn, located on the UM campus. Supposedly it’s very nice.
Phone: 901.678.8200 Average Price: around $120

Doubletree East Memphis
About 6 miles from us. Right next to a large movie theater and a Whole Foods if that appeals to you.
Phone: 1-800-45-HOTEL Average Price: varies

Those are a couple of decent options, but East Memphis kind of spreads out forever, so there will be more hotels, just depending how far out you want to go.

Happy Hotel Hunting!

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